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Heritage, Design

and commitment

About us

About us - Espacio Home Design

I. Heritage

Three Generations of woodworkers behind us.

Since 1945 our family has been linked to the craftsmanship of wood through our Villafranca workshop which, till this day, dedicated to global interior design, constitutes the soul that feeds and inspires our design team made up of more than 80 professionals.

Video Espacio Home Design
Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design Heritage Espacio Home Design


The beginning of our story: traditional carpentry in Villafranca de Bonany, Majorca.


From trade to design: Custom frurniture and Kitchen projects.


From manufacturing to retail: Opening of the first store in Palma.


6 showrooms in Mallorca: more than 75 years of experience and more than 5.000 customers.

II. Design

Every project starts with an idea.

We have a team of interior designers dedicated to inspire, advise and acoompany you in the process of turning your ideas into reality.

 Espacio Home Design

Discover the essence of our interior design in one of our six showrooms in Mallorca. Let our professionals inspire and advise you in creating your personalized project.

<b>Son Bugadelles</b> - Interior Design & Furniture Espacio Home Design
Son Bugadelles - Interior Design & Furniture
<b>Sant Feliu</b> - Interior Design & Furniture Espacio Home Design
Sant Feliu - Interior Design & Furniture
<b>Eusebi Estada</b> - Interior Design & Furniture Espacio Home Design
Eusebi Estada - Interior Design & Furniture
<b>Cocinart</b> - Kitchens Espacio Home Design
Cocinart - Kitchens
<b>Modulnova</b> - Kitchens Espacio Home Design
Modulnova - Kitchens
<b>Siematic</b> - Kitchens Espacio Home Design
Siematic - Kitchens
Cocinart Mallorca

Eusebi Estada 11
07004 - Palma
971 750 072

Siematic Mallorca

Passeig de Mallorca 17, D
07011 - Palma
971 221 551

Modulnova Mallorca

General Riera, 8
07003 - Palma
971 203 052

Interior Design & Furniture
Espacio Eusebi Estada

Eusebi Estada 11, B
07004 - Palma
971 759 700

Interior Design & Furniture
Espacio Sant Feliu

Sant Feliu 6
07012 - Palma
971 759 888

Interior Design & Furniture
Espacio Son Bugadelles

Illes Balears 6
07180 Calvià
871 005 166

III. Commitment

Caring what we love the most.

We work with respect for people and the environment with the intention of doing things a little better every day: optimizing processes and materials, while doing our bit to help preserve the ecological heritage of our Mallorcan island; and collaborating with companies who care for those who need it most.

Proud members of Mallorca Preservation Foundation. Espacio Home Design
Proud members of Mallorca Preservation Foundation.

We strive to make our home a better place, collaborating with associations and obtaining the most stringent certifications.

For us, people and the environment are what matter most.

 Espacio Home Design

S.O.S Mamás Baleares is a local non-profit association that, since 2013, has worked in the local environment, helping to provide food, clothing and other basic necessities to families in need.

 Espacio Home Design

We try to guarantee the best quality standards for the furniture we use. That is why every piece of wood is properly certified, ensuring the sustainable management of our raw materials.

Our team

Our team - Espacio Home Design
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