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Contract Service

 - Espacio Home Design

A service dedicated to developers.

At Espacio Home Design we have a team of professionals, both technical and designers, specialised in large integrated multi-family housing projects.

 Espacio Home Design
 Espacio Home Design

We have 3 exclusive brands of kitchens with which we offer a variety of customised options: from the kitchen, through bathrooms or dressing rooms, to complete the furnishing of the home.

An exclusive accompaniment service that starts from the plans to the end of the building work and even beyond.

We are the only company in Mallorca to offer this service with top-of-the-range products.

We become your partners.

Gomila Project Espacio Home Design
Gomila Project

Beyond the design and construction, we solve all the management and possible incidents that occur throughout the process. In addition, we attend to and offer a personalised service to the end client who buys the property. Ultimately, we carry out home staging of show flats.

You can count on our team.

We have a team exclusively dedicated to the Contract service. A team of 11 people made up of sales representatives, project managers, technicians and kitchen and living room designers.

Some of the Contract projects

Can Santacilia - 15 dwellings Espacio Home Design
Can Santacilia - 15 dwellings
Andratx Hills - 9 dwellings Espacio Home Design
Andratx Hills - 9 dwellings
Bossería - 7 kitchens Espacio Home Design
Bossería - 7 kitchens
Bonanova - 6 Kitchens Espacio Home Design
Bonanova - 6 Kitchens
Ever One - 37 dwellings Espacio Home Design
Ever One - 37 dwellings
Parallel - 12 kitchens Espacio Home Design
Parallel - 12 kitchens
Xojay - 81 kitchens Espacio Home Design
Xojay - 81 kitchens
Gomila - 38 kitchens Espacio Home Design
Gomila - 38 kitchens
Green Elements - 25 kitchens Espacio Home Design
Green Elements - 25 kitchens
La Lonja - 4 dwellings Espacio Home Design
La Lonja - 4 dwellings
Villas Falcó - 5 dwellings Espacio Home Design
Villas Falcó - 5 dwellings
Hippiements - 57 kitchens Espacio Home Design
Hippiements - 57 kitchens
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